Honey Butter Almond & Friends

South Korea’s nut brand is processed and sold at Gilim International Co. With its release of honey butter almond in January 2015, it became a worldwide sensation. HBAF's acronym is "Honey Butter Almond & Friends" meaning "Healthy But Awesome Flavor", and is read as "Baf".


HBAF has been exporting to more than 10 countries.

Honey Butter Almond flavour

With thorough research, the honey butter seasoning was developed first then the wasabi flavour.

Wasabi Almond

The wasabi flavour was in demand among Asian countries around the world.

Cookie and Cream Almond

As the cookie and cream is wrapped around the almond it will melt in your mouth before you even know it.

Salted Caramel & Almond

It has almonds, a super light caramel coating and pretzels too! It's the perfect balance.