“Making food with the most honest mindset.”

Orion Group is one of the oldest South Korean confectionary companies, having its history dating back over 65 years.

Turtle Chips

Orion introduced ‘Kobuk Chip’, very first four-layered snack food, in the South Korean markets in March 2017. As soon as it was released, it became a national favourite snack, creating a sensation in the domestic confectionery market. It is characterized by rich texture and double flavour because it creates the feeling of eating several chips with only one bite.

Choco Churros

This flavour is coated with layers of chocolate. It was a hit item as soon as it came out.

Corn Chips

The savoury smell of canned corn mixed with a salty taste of soup, and the aftertaste is strangely sour.

Flaming Mala

The appetizing visuals, the spicy taste leaves you wanting for more.

Truffle Salt

Already a hit, get the newest addition before it runs out!

Turtle Chips Stocklist

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Yegam Non-fried Potato Chips

Perfect as a snack in your bag ,Yegam is a light savoury snack for your everyday needs.


Cheese Gratin