Healthy Food Culture

Selecting only the finest ingredients, Soul Papa & Co invites you to join our journey in sharing healthy food culture.We've carefully selected products for our private brands to reflect the highest quality and the best possible prices.


Soul Papa supplies ingredients from sweet potato noodles, rice cake, Wheat noodles, red pepper powder, sesame seeds, and ginger.



Somen Wheat

Sweet Potato Noodles

Other products

From sauces to gingers Soul Papa has everything you need!

Rice Cake

Rice cakes are used in alot of Korean dishes such as Rice Cake Soup or Tteok-bokki.

Fried Round fishcake

A popular dish in Korea, this can be cooked in a soup, simmered, or as a snack by itself.

Crispy Hot Dog

We also have the cheesy crispy hot dog flavour.

Beef Marinade

Chicken Marinade

Frozen Ginger