Lotte Confectionary

Since its foundation in 1967, for over five decades Lotte Confectionery has been leading the industry, the parent company of Lotte, backed by its continuous product development, diverse marketing strategies and advanced distribution methods, and has contributed to the advancement and globalization of Korean confectioneries.

Lotte gums, candies, biscuits, and chocolate, in particular Pepero, have been recognized internationally, owing to the use of high-quality raw materials and outstanding manufacturing technology, boosting global sales.

Our Story


Since it's release in 1984 April, Pepero has been popular throughout the world.
The total number of boxes that has been sold amounts to 500,000 km which is enough to go around the globe 12 times.




White Cookie

Choco Cookie


Sesame White

Snowy Almond

Other products

Choco Pie

Other flavours include Cacao, Black Sugar milk tea, Banana, Green Tea.

Corn Snacks

There's the Roasted Corn Flavour, Spicy & Sweet flavour and the original nutty flavour.


Embossed with a beautiful design, binch biscuits makes your day better.

Apple Jam Cookie

The cookie scent hits you and then the taste of apple jam hits you. There's also the strawberry jam flavour.

Kancho Original

They are tasty round biscuits filled with chocolate.

Cream Moncher

A dream cake that tastes like it came straight out of the oven.