Haepyo Soybean Oil

Sajo Daerim made its first foray into the market under the name of Seodaeyang Co., Ltd. Haepyo Soybean Oil is the best selling, best reviewed cooking oil in Korea for 21 years.

Ever since its inception, Sajo Daerim has continued to grow as a company specializing in acquiring and processing fishery resources. The scope of business that Sajo Daerim conducts is mainly consisted of these three sectors; Fisheries, Food Processing, Food Logistics and Retailing

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Oils such as sesame seed oil are also used popularly in Korean dishes.
There's mixed soybean paste, and the famous hot pepper pastes.
From flour noodles to sweet potato noodles, sajo has a lot of types of noodles.
Sea Salt
Crystalized Salt and thick Sea Salt, Sajo's salt is a leading seller.
Dried Wakames are used for Korea's seaweed soup.